Undercover Hidden Dragon (至尊無賴)

Undercover Hidden Dragon (至尊無賴)

DVD · CodefreeHong Kong · Action ⁄ Komödie · Mei Ah Entertainment · Hong Kong 2006

Fat, a so ccalled triad society member, is suddenly told by three charming sexy cops, "Actually you are an undercover, you just have lost your memory..." He is given a mission - to arrest the Big Bro, and his mate Monster Pig assists him. Dramatically, Fat becomes Bro. Wind's "God Brother" and is instructed to take care of his wife Sharon. They often hang out and Sharon gets feelings on Fat. At the same time sparkle also ignites between Fat and sergeant Ching. Bro. Wind shows up with his hired thung, and exposes his real identity. Fat, the cops and Sharon are under threat...


Titel: Undercover Hidden Dragon (至尊無賴)
Orginal Titel: 至尊無賴 (Ji Jern Mo Lai)
Deutscher Titel: Undercover Hidden Dragon
Genre: Action ⁄ Komödie
Studio: Mei Ah Entertainment
Vertrieb: Mei Ah Entertainment
Land / Jahr: Hong Kong 2006
Altersfreigabe: Hong Kong Category IIB
Länge: 95:33 Minuten

technische Daten der Disc

Medium: DVD
Region: Codefree [Hong KongHong Kong]
Casetype: Keep Case (Amaray) im Pappschuber
Disctyp: DVD 9
Bildformat: 1.78:1 [anamorph]
Videocodec: MPEG-2
Videodetails: NTSC
Tonformate: Cantonesisch Dolby Digital 5.1 [O-Ton]
Cantonesisch DTS 5.1 [O-Ton]
Cantonesisch Dolby Digital Stereo (2.0) [O-Ton]
Mandarin Dolby Digital 5.1 [Synchronisation]
Mandarin Dolby Digital Stereo (2.0) [Synchronisation]
Untertitel: Chinesisch [traditionell], Chinesisch [vereinfacht], Englisch

Special Features

  • Hauptmenü (animiert)
  • Kapitelauswahl (animiert)
  • Sprach- & Untertitelauswahl
  • Trailer [2:00 Min.]
  • Trailer zu weiteren DVDs
  • MakingOf [3:08 Min.]
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  • Texttafeln 'Cast & Crew'