A Bloody Aria (구타유발자들) - Special Edition (2 Disc Set)

A Bloody Aria (구타유발자들) - Special Edition (2 Disc Set)

DVD · Code 3Süd-Korea · Drama ⁄ Thriller ⁄ Komödie · Korea Entertainment · Süd-Korea 2006

Picture this situation: a professor, his attractive young student, and a white Mercedes. He simply wanted a nice weekend drive in the countryside with his favorite student - but he quickly discovers that sometimes people can be scarier than ghosts. What seemed like his own One Fine Spring Day turns into a Korean-style Deliverance, complete with angry, crazy country bumpkins. And then it just becomes a miserable day for everyone involved.

Extremely violent, sadistically comic and just oozing creativity from every corner, Won Shin Yeon's second film A Bloody Aria continues one of the most important trends in recent Korean Cinema, that of mixing elements from different genres and adding a little (wicked) humour on the side. Whereas his debut The Wig was a producer-driven horror film heavy on the visuals, A Bloody Aria is pure, unadulterated raw energy. Its script created huge buzz in the industry, when it won an important contest in 2004. And with a cast like that, it's no surprise the performances carry the film: Han Suk Kyu plays a villain for the first time in his career, and eternal second-liners Oh Dal Soo (Oldboy, Sympathy For Lady Vengeance) and Lee Moon Shik (A Big Match, Mapado) get the chance to show their considerable talent. A Bloody Aria is certainly not for the weak of heart, but it's probably one of Korea's most unique black comedies since The Humanist. [Quelle: YesAsia]

Anmerkung: Die auf dem Cover angegebene DTS-Tonspur befindet sich nicht auf der DVD.


Titel: A Bloody Aria (구타유발자들) - Special Edition (2 Disc Set)
Orginal Titel: 구타유발자들 (Goo-ta-yoo-bal-ja-deul)
Deutscher Titel: A Bloody Aria
Genre: Drama ⁄ Thriller ⁄ Komödie
Studio: Korea Entertainment
Vertrieb: HB Entertainment
Land / Jahr: Süd-Korea 2006
Altersfreigabe: Süd-Korea: ab 18
Länge: 114:26 Minuten

Cast & Crew

Regisseur:Shin-yeon WON
Autor:Shin-yeon WON
Produzent:Seo-hyeol LEE
Kamera:Dong-eun KIM
Byeong-jeong KIM
Musik:Jun-Seong KIM
Besetzung:Suk-kyu HAN als Moon-jae
Mun-shik LEE als Bong-yeon
Dal-Su OH als Oh-geun
Byeong-jun LEE
Ye-ryeon CHA als In-jeong
Shi-hoo KIM als Hyun-jae
Gyeong-Ho JEONG als Hong-bae
Hyeong-tak SHIM als Won-ryong

technische Daten der Disc

Medium: DVD
Region: Code 3 [Süd-KoreaSüd-Korea]
Casetype: Keep Case (Amaray) 2 Disc im Pappschuber
Disctyp: DVD 9 [Film]
DVD 9 [Bonusmaterial]
Bildformat: 2.35:1 [anamorph]
Videocodec: MPEG-2
Videodetails: Resolution: 480i NTSC
Color Space: Rec.601 8bit
Tonformate: Koreanisch Dolby Digital 5.1 [O-Ton]
Koreanisch Dolby Digital Surround (2.0) [Audiokommentar]
Untertitel: Koreanisch, Englisch

Special Features

  • Hauptmenü (animiert)
  • Kapitelauswahl (animiert)
  • Sprach- & Untertitelauswahl
  • Trailer [2:13 Min.]
  • Booklet
  • Audiokommentar mit Won Shin Yeon, Lee Moon Shik, Oh Dal Soo & Lee Byung Joon
  • Featurette 'Pre-Production' [8:41 Min.]
  • MakingOf [25:19 Min.]
  • Featurette 'Character & Cast' [16:29 Min.]
  • Bonusfilm / Kurzfilm 'Bread & Milk' von Won Shin Yeon (2003) [28:02 Min.]
  • Deleted Scenes [20:56 Min.]
  • Featurette 'Poster-Shoot' [2:41 Min.]
  • Featurette 'Press-Screening' [4:34 Min.]
  • sonstiges: Punkt 4 'A New Style Of Film' ist nicht auf der Bonusdisc zu finden, und wird auch bei der Zählung übersprungen!