Wo Hu (卧虎) (2 Disc Set)

Wo Hu (卧虎) (2 Disc Set)

DVD · CodefreeHong Kong · Crime ⁄ Thriller · MVP · Hong Kong 2006

To eliminate the increasing disruption to social order by triad society order members, Superintendent Wai was put in charge of the operation "Wo Hu", whereby over 1000 undercover cops were sent to collect evidence against triad societies, among which the most powerful was the MOB. Chun was the first member to fall victim to the operation. With the help of Killer, Jim's foot soldier, who murdered the undercover cop responsible for Chuen's arrest, Chuen declined to be witness for the persecution. Superintendent Wai's plan then failed.
When the undercover cops collected evidence against Tommy's illegal drug business, Tommy was forced to leave Hong Kong by Jim. Boss, who was the de facto head of the MOB, realized that Jim was getting more and more popular in the MOB, and decided to eliminate Jim. The killing job was delegated to Killer who was unaware that Jim was the victim.
Walter's young sond, Dee, accidentally bumped into Tommy, who was supposed to have taken refuge outside Hong Kong. To cover up his conspiracy, Tommy poisoned Dee. In a fit of fury, Walter turned himself in to the police...
Meanwhile, Killer was ready to complete his mission. Though Jim was his mentor, he would abide by the first rule of a professional killer --- to kill whoever he was ordered to kill, with no regard of his personal feelings. Hence, he felt no remorse when he stabbed Jim...


Titel: Wo Hu (卧虎) (2 Disc Set)
Orginal Titel: 卧虎 (Wo Hu) | Crouching Tiger | Undercover Tiger
Deutscher Titel: Wo Hu
Genre: Crime ⁄ Thriller
Studio: MVP
Vertrieb: Joy Sales
Land / Jahr: Hong Kong 2006
Altersfreigabe: Hong Kong Category IIB
Länge: 101:41 Minuten

technische Daten der Disc

Medium: DVD
Region: Codefree [Hong KongHong Kong]
Casetype: Keep Case (Amaray) 2 Disc im Pappschuber
Disctyp: DVD 9 [Film]
DVD 5 [Bonusmaterial]
Bildformat: 1.85:1 [anamorph]
Videocodec: MPEG-2
Videodetails: Resolution: 480i NTSC
Color Space: Rec.601 8bit
Tonformate: Cantonesisch Dolby Digital 5.1 [O-Ton]
Cantonesisch DTS 5.1 [O-Ton]
Mandarin Dolby Digital 5.1 [Synchronisation]
Untertitel: Chinesisch [traditionell], Chinesisch [vereinfacht], Englisch

Special Features

  • Hauptmenü (animiert)
  • Kapitelauswahl
  • Sprach- & Untertitelauswahl
  • Trailer + TV-Spot (englische Untertitel nur TV-Spot) [2:37 Min.]
  • Behind the Scenes (englische Untertitel) [11:52 Min.]
  • Deleted Scenes (englische Untertitel) [15:27 Min.]
  • MakingOf (englische Untertitel) [10:08 Min.]
  • Fotogalerie
  • Interview(s) (englische Untertitel) [17:00 Min.]
  • Featurette 'Premiere' (englische Untertitel) [13:53 Min.]