Gangster Pay Day (大茶飯)

Gangster Pay Day (大茶飯)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Komödie ⁄ Crime ⁄ Romanze · Sundream Motion Pictures · Hong Kong 2014

A comedy-melodrama hybrid, this film is a gangster story minus the traditional tragedy. Wong Kam-Kwei, a gang boss on the decline, overseeing bathhouses and karaoke bars, falls for a small restaurant owner, Mei. He begins to help her business, and learns that Mei is already in love with Leung, a member of his gang. He’s also like a brother to Kam-Kwei. When a rival gang hoping to steal his territory kills Leung, the only thing left for Kam-Kwei to do now is to protect Mei and avenge Leung. Gangster Pay Day is distinguished by its unique portrayal of its characters. Middle-aged Wong Kam-Kwei is a boss, but a sympathetic one, as he falls in love with Mei, and lives with guilt towards his mother at the same time. The characters surrounding him and Mei all seem to lack something. They were once the image of the strong, oppressive gangsters and now reduced to the status of restaurant employees. Yet they accept their new roles without fuss. The future of the gangsters in gangster films has always been depressing; they always end in tragedy. Wong Kam-Kei and his minions are also well aware that their future is dark. Thus they renounce violence and try to find common happiness.

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Titel: Gangster Pay Day (大茶飯)
Orginal Titel: 大茶飯 (Da cha fan) | Gangster Payday | Hidden Dragon
Deutscher Titel: Gangster Pay Day
Genre: Komödie ⁄ Crime ⁄ Romanze
Studio: Sundream Motion Pictures
Vertrieb: CN Entertainment Ltd.
Land / Jahr: Hong Kong 2014
Altersfreigabe: Hong Kong Category IIB
Länge: 96:53 Minuten

Cast & Crew

Regisseur:Po-Cheung LEE
Action-Regisseur:Wai-Leung Jack WONG
Autor:Po-Cheung LEE
Xin Lily HE
Produzent:Sau-Lan Shirley YUNG
Ausführender Produzent:Law-Chiu Angus CHAN
Tin-Hoi Stephen NG
She-Yong HAO
Kamera:ChunWah YUN
Besetzung:Chau-Sang Anthony WONG als Ghost/Wong Kam-kwei
Cheuk-Yin Charlene CHOI als Mei
Yau-Nam WONG als Leung
Wai-Man Michael CHAN als Uncle Two
Chi-Hung Frankie NG als Uncle B
Hiu-Man Patrick KEUNG als Bill
Wai AI als Police officer
Tung-Cho Joe CHEUNG als Uncle Kwan
Ka-Lai Carrie NG als Pui Chun
Ho-Hong Deep NG als Cheong
Ngok-Tai Arthur WONG als Brother Tai
Wing-Cheong LAW als Brother Cheong
Wing-Foo CHEUNG als Boy 9
Wa-Wo Jimmy WONG als White Hair
Pok-Foo CHO als Triad boss
Yu Joye ZHU als Ghost's girlfriend
Xi-Wen Zelia ZHONG als Ghost's girlfriend
Kei Mike LOK als Wing
Chi-Chiu Gallan SO als Shing
Wai-Kuen AU als Triad brother
Ling-Yuen Derek LAM als Detective
Wai-Leung Jack WONG als Hitman

technische Daten der Disc

Medium: Blu-ray
Region: Region A [Hong KongHong Kong]
Casetype: Elite Blu-ray-Case (blau)
Disctyp: Blu-ray (BD25 - Single Layer)
Bildformat: 2.35:1
Videocodec: H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC)
Videodetails: Resolution: 1080p
Frame Rate: 23,976 / 24 fps
Color Space: Rec.709 8bit
Tonformate: Cantonesisch DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 [O-Ton]
Mandarin DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 [Synchronisation]
Untertitel: Chinesisch [traditionell], Englisch

Special Features

  • Hauptmenü (animiert)
  • Kapitelauswahl
  • Sprach- & Untertitelauswahl
  • Popup-Menü
  • Trailer & Teaser [3:33 Min.]
  • Fotogalerie