Sky On Fire (沖天火)

Sky On Fire (沖天火)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Action ⁄ Crime ⁄ Thriller · Skyman Development Limited · Hong Kong ⁄ China 2016

Five years ago, a fire took the life of Professor Poon, and his research notebook disappeared without a trace. His assistant Ko Yuk (Zhang Jingchu) escaped death after being rescued by security guard Chong Tin-po (Daniel Wu).

After losing his wife to cancer several years ago, Tin-po entered "Sky number One", a top-level medical facility, as a security guard. He hopes theat the lab will find a cure for cancer, but he realizes that Ko Yuk is the only researcher that is actually trying to develop "Super Stem Cells" to save lives. Meanwhile, her husband, "Sky Number One" president Tong Wing-cheung, is a ruthless businessman who puts money ahead of everything and will take any means necessary to get his way.

The "Super Stem Cell" has finally been successfully developed. Chia-chia (Chang) has brought his cancer-afflicted sister Jen (Kuo) to Hong Kong in search of a cure, but they're suddenly caught in the middle of a daring robbery for the "Super Stem Cell". The man behind the robbery is Professor Poon's son, Poon Chi-man. To discover the truth behind his father's murder. Chi-man then engages in an explosive battle against Tin-po and his security team.

Prepare for an all-out war that will rock the city!


Titel: Sky On Fire (沖天火)
Orginal Titel: 沖天火 (Chongtian huo)
Deutscher Titel: Sky On Fire
Genre: Action ⁄ Crime ⁄ Thriller
Studio: Skyman Development Limited
Vertrieb: Panorama Entertainment
Land / Jahr: Hong Kong ⁄ China 2016
Altersfreigabe: Hong Kong Category IIB
Länge: 99:40 Minuten

technische Daten der Disc

Medium: Blu-ray
Region: Region A [Hong KongHong Kong]
Casetype: Elite Blu-ray-Case (blau) im Pappschuber
Disctyp: Blu-ray (BD25 - Single Layer)
Bildformat: 2.35:1
Videocodec: H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC)
Videodetails: Resolution: 1080p
Frame Rate: 23,976 / 24 fps
Color Space: Rec.709 8bit
Tonformate: Cantonesisch Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Advanced 96k Upsampling [O-Ton]
Mandarin Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Advanced 96k Upsampling [Synchronisation]
Untertitel: Chinesisch [traditionell], Chinesisch [vereinfacht], Englisch

Special Features

  • Hauptmenü
  • Kapitelauswahl
  • Sprach- & Untertitelauswahl
  • Popup-Menü
  • Trailer (englische Untertitel) [1:30 Min.]