Wai-Kwong Ken LO

Wai-Kwong Ken LO als Besetzung (18)

Bad Blood (滅門)

Blu-ray · Region freeHong Kong · Action ⁄ Thriller · Point of View Movie Productions · Hong Kong 2010

The boss of Hong Kong Triad Organization "Tung Luen Shun", ANDY (Siu Fai CHEUNG - Election I&II / Fatal Move / Vengeance) was arrested and executed for smuggling counterfeit Renminbi in mainland China. With the boss removed, "Tung Luen Shun" was in a critical stage which a new leader had to be ... mehr

House Of Wolves (惡人谷)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Komödie · Sil-Metropol Organization Ltd. · Hong Kong 2016

In an old rural district, Charlie (by Francis Ng), who pretends to be an ALS patient for having others' sympathy and taking advantages, runs a dog shelter - a place where Charlie secretly carries out different sorts of nasty business. The hereditary village chief, Bing (by Ronald Cheng), is a ... mehr

Ip Man: The Final Fight (葉問:終極一戰) (2 Disc Set)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Action ⁄ Biographie ⁄ Drama · Emperor Motion Pictures · Hong Kong 2013

In postwar Hong Kong, legendary Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man is reluctantly called into action once more, when what begin as simple challenges from rival kung fu styles soon draw him into the dark and dangerous underworld of the Triads. Now, to defend life and honor, he has no choice but to fight ... mehr

Life Without Principle (奪命金)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Crime ⁄ Drama · Milkyway Images · Hong Kong 2011

What do a bank teller, a small-time thug and a police inspector have in common? Nothing, not until a bag of stolen money worth $5m crosses their paths and forces them to make soul searching decisions about right and wrong and everything in between on the morality scale. ... mehr

Little Big Soldier (大兵小将)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Action ⁄ Abenteuer ⁄ Komödie · JCE Entertainment Ltd. · China ⁄ Hong Kong 2009

It was the darkest times in China. The battalions of warring states Liang and Wei collided in bloodbath that lasted from dawn till dusk. Only two men were left standing - a Foot Soldier from Liang and the rival General from Wei. The Soldier captured the wounded General, hoping to use his enemy ... mehr

Nightfall (大追捕)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Action ⁄ Crime ⁄ Thriller · Sil-Metropol Organization Ltd. · Hong Kong 2012

When a Hong Kong celebrity is found brutally murdered, his body floating in the middle of the ocean, hardheaded detective Lam is called in to take charge of the investigation. As Lam zeroes in on a killer from the past, the murder appears to be a straight forward case of revenge. But the more that ... mehr

Nobody's Perfect (絕代雙嬌)

DVD · CodefreeHong Kong · Komödie · Gold Label Entertainment Ltd. · Hong Kong 2008

Since graduation, Alexandra (Stephy Tang) has become a well known columnist. Even though, she is roude and harsh while working and judging how the famous are dressed, her column is loved by all the readers. Whereas Alexis (Kary Ng) is completely different, her job is unglamorous as she works at her ... mehr

Operation Mekong (湄公河行動)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Action ⁄ Abenteuer · Bona International Film Group · China 2016

The Golden Triangle has become synonymous with the drug trade. Not only is it one of the largest drug manufacturing regions of the world, it is a lawless land as it sits at the intersection of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. Two Chinese commercial vessels are ambushed while traveling down the ... mehr

Paradox - Kill Zone Bangkok (殺破狼·貪狼)

Blu-ray · Region BDeutschland · Action ⁄ Crime ⁄ Drama · Bona International Film Group · Hong Kong 2017

"Hongkongs Antwort auf die erfolgreiche Taken -Reihe. Doch während sich Liam Neesons Rachefeldzug dem Mainstream beugt, geht Ip Man-Regisseur Yip Wai Shun bei seinem Thriller kompromisslos in die Vollen." (Fantasy Filmfest) Die Entführung seiner Tochter führt den Cop Lee von Hongkong nach ... mehr

Raging Fire (怒火) - Steelbook Edition (2 Disc Set)

Ultra HD Blu-ray · Region freeDeutschland · Action ⁄ Crime ⁄ Mystery ⁄ Thriller · Emperor Motion Pictures · Hong Kong 2021

Er ist der härteste Cop in Hongkong: Bong (Donnie Yen) hat sich über Jahre hinweg einen Ruf als unbestechlicher Ermittler in den schwierigsten Fällen aufgebaut. Doch eines Tages holt ihn seine Vergangenheit ein. Ngo (Nicholas Tse), sein ehemaliger Partner, der die Seiten gewechselt hat, greift mit ... mehr

Robbery (老笠)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Komödie ⁄ Crime ⁄ Thriller · Sun Entertainment Culture Limited · Hong Kong 2016

At midnight, Grandpa goes into the store to buy bargain priced breads. Annoyed and offended by the store manager Fat Boss' sarcasm and contempt, Grandpa stabs a pair of scissors into Fat Boss' neck. All the people in the store -Yan who is just a passerby borrowing the toilet, Anita who is buying ... mehr

Shock Wave (拆彈專家) (3 Disc Set)

Ultra HD Blu-ray · Region freeHong Kong · Action ⁄ Thriller · Universe Entertainment · China ⁄ Hong Kong 2017

JS Cheung (by Andy Lau), a Superintendent in Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau (EOD) of Hong Kong Police Force, went undercover seven years ago into the gang led by the most-wanted crime boss Blast (by Jiang Wu). Cheung successfully uprooted the gang and arrested a few robbers including Blast's ... mehr

Special ID (特殊身份)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Action ⁄ Crime ⁄ Thriller · My Way Film Company Ltd. · China 2013

Chen Zilong (Donnie Yen) has been an undercover cop in Xiong's (Colin Chou) underworld gang for several years. Xiong is trying to wipe out every undercover in his underworld gang. The more undercover cops were killed, the more Zilong is worried about his identity to be exposed. Finally, he went to ... mehr

SPL 2: A Time For Consequences (殺破狼II)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Action ⁄ Crime ⁄ Drama · Sil-Metropol Organization Ltd. · Hong Kong 2015

Undercover cop Kit (Wu Jing) becomes a junkie in order to catch Mr Hung (Louis Koo), the mastermind behind a crime syndicate. When the operation goes sour and Kit blows his coevr, his supervisor and uncle Wah (Simon Yam) decides to terminate the operation. When Kit disappears with out a trace, Wah ... mehr

Star Runner (少年阿虎)

DVD · CodefreeHong Kong · Action ⁄ Drama ⁄ Romanze · Universe Entertainment · Hong Kong 2003

To start a new life from a heartbreaking love, May Kim comes to HK as a Korean lecturer. Bond, one of May's students, is a wild guy and enjoys free fight. With different cultural and social background, they begin in a hostile relationship but end up admiring each other and becoming lovers. Bond ... mehr

The Constable (衝鋒戰警)

Blu-ray · Region freeHong Kong · Action ⁄ Drama · POV - Point of View Movie Productions · Hong Kong 2013

Lam Kwok Kuen, nearing retirement and raising a mentally challenged son by himself, is a police officer whose sole requirement on the job is oversee the department fleet. Despite this, he remains active in the front line of police service, putting his life on the line for the sake of others, his ... mehr

The Enforcer (給爸爸的信) (aka My Father Is A Hero) - Special Collector's Edition

DVD · Code 1USA · · Wins' Movie Production & I/E Co. · Hong Kong 1995

Martial arts legend Jet Li explodes off the screen in this high-octane, bone-crushing hit. Li is at his lightning-quick best, starring as an undercover detective embedded with a ruthless gang. When another cop (Anita Mui, Rumble in the Bronx) accidentally blows his cover, the only way to protect ... mehr

The White Storm (掃毒) (2 Disc Set)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Action ⁄ Drama · Sil-Metropol Organization Ltd. · Hong Kong 2013

Tin, Chow and Wai are brotherly bonded partners in Narcotics Bureau. The three have an opportunity to capture notorious druglord Eight-faced Buddha in Thailand, during the operation Tin's team is completely annihilated, Tin is forced to choose one survivor between Wai and Chow. The destiny of the ... mehr