Xuan Michelle YE

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Accident (意外)

Blu-ray · Region freeHong Kong · Thriller · Milkyway Images · Hong Kong 2009

A self-styled "accident choreographer," the Brain (Louis Koo) is a professional hitman who kills his victims by trapping them in well crafted "accidents" that look like unfortunate mishaps but are in fact perfectly staged acts of crime. When he is accosted by a mysterious insurance agent Fong ... mehr

Bruce Lee My Brother (李小龍)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Biographie ⁄ Drama · Media Asia Films · Hong Kong ⁄ China 2010

Bruce Lee, My Brother is a dramatic biopic of the eponymous martial arts legend as told by his younger brother, Robert Lee. It revolves around Bruce Lee's life as a rebelious adolescent in Hong Kong until he sets off for the USA and conquers the world at the age of 18 with only US$100 in his ... mehr

Drug War (毒戰)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Crime · Milkyway Images · China ⁄ Hong Kong 2013

When Mainland Chinese Inspector Zhang runs into the Hong Kong man Cai at the hosital, who has been in a car accident due to chemical poisoning, the immediately senses something fishy about him. It turns out Cai is indeed a drug manufacturer closely linked to the notorious drug lord Li. Yo save his ... mehr

Fire Of Conscience (火龍)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Action ⁄ Thriller · Media Asia Films · Hong Kong 2010

The investigation of a prostitute homicide brings headstrong, heavy-handed Detective Manfred in an unlikely collaboration with sly, man-of-the world Inspector Kee from the Narcotics Bureau. In The line of fire between high levels of corruption and possible malice, Manfred Must solve all the twists ... mehr

Lady Cop & Papa Crook (大搜查之女) - Director's Cut

Blu-ray · Region freeHong Kong · Komödie ⁄ Crime ⁄ Thriller · Media Asia Films · Hong Kong 2008

John Fok (Eason Chan) is the kingpin of illegal red oil in Greater China. When an oil tanker explodes accidentally, he becomes the focus of investigation by Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese police and is forced to halt his business to wait thing out. Just as he is finally ready to turn his fortune ... mehr

Motorway (車手)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Action ⁄ Crime ⁄ Drama · Media Asia Films · Hong Kong 2012

Sean is an over confident rookie in Stealth Riders, a secret police unit consisting of the best drivers in the force that targets against underworld racing and fugitives on the run. Jensen is a legendary escape driver for criminals, who had never been caught before his retirement 15 years ago. When ... mehr

Once A Gangster (飛砂風中轉)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Action ⁄ Komödie · Pop Movies · Hong Kong 2010

Celebrity cook Roast Pork (Jordan Chan) finds his idyllic life turn topsy-turvy when his Triad mentor commands him to run for the "Dragon Head" in the underworld. Roast Pork's only chance to extricate himself from this quagmire is to lose the election to another candidaten called Sparrow (Ekin ... mehr

Overheard 2 (竊聽風雲2)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Action ⁄ Drama ⁄ Thriller · Sil-Metropol Organization Ltd. · Hong Kong 2011

LAW Man-seng (Lau Ching-wan), a reputable security dealer was involved in a car accident. Police officer HO Chi-keung (Louis Koo) is assigned to the case when military surveillance devices were found in LAW's wrecked sports car. During the investigation, Ho finds that Law has some offshore funds of ... mehr

Overheard 3 (竊聽風雲 3)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Thriller ⁄ Crime · Bona International Film Group · Hong Kong 2014

LAW worked as a chauffeur for the rural tycoon LUK; was jailed for killing a major land owner in a car accident. It was rumored that LUK was behind such land owner's death, which gave LUK a competitive edge in the native apartment development deal. Every native, male resident in the New Territories ... mehr

Simply Actors (戲王之王) (2 Disc Set)

DVD · CodefreeHong Kong · Komödie · Golden Scene Company Limited · Hong Kong 2007

When undercover cops start losing their lives to drug lords who blame their demise on "poor acting", the police sends a cop, Man Long Chan (Jim Chim), to enroll incognito into a Performance Arts Academy as an experiment in upgrading police acting abilities. Man Long quickly finds that his ... mehr

The Sniper (神枪手)

Blu-ray · Region freeHong Kong · Action ⁄ Thriller · Media Asia Films · Hong Kong 2007

Comprising the shadowy world of sniper with intelligence of weapons knowledge and the vibe of traditional wushu universe, comes a new blend of cop action thriller that strikes the world with bullet impact, The Sniper, a new cop thriller by acclaimed director Dante Lam. The new breed of action genre ... mehr

Undercover Hidden Dragon (至尊無賴)

DVD · CodefreeHong Kong · Action ⁄ Komödie · Mei Ah Entertainment · Hong Kong 2006

Fat, a so ccalled triad society member, is suddenly told by three charming sexy cops, "Actually you are an undercover, you just have lost your memory..." He is given a mission - to arrest the Big Bro, and his mate Monster Pig assists him. Dramatically, Fat becomes Bro. Wind's "God Brother" and is ... mehr

Vengeance (復仇)

Blu-ray · Region AHong Kong · Action ⁄ Crime ⁄ Thriller · Milkyway Images · Hong Kong ⁄ Frankreich 2009

A father comes to Hong Kong to avenge his daughter, whose family was murdered. Officially, he’s a French chef. Twenty years ago, he was a killer. As his memory is fading away, three professional killers, Kwai, Chu and Lok are sought to help him complete his revenge plan. Arrived Hong Kong, they ... mehr

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Triple Tap (鎗王之王)

Blu-ray · Region freeHong Kong · Action ⁄ Thriller · Emperor Motion Pictures · Hong Kong 2010

Champion competitive marksman Ken comes across an armored van robbery. He sees a policeman held hostage and shoots and kills four of the robbers. One of the robbers escapes and the policeman survives. The case is handled by Jerry Chang, whom Ken knows from having recently beaten him in a shooting ... mehr